Thomas Anthopoulos

Dr Thomas D Anthopoulos

Reader in Experimental Physics
tel: 020 7594 6669
ext: 46669



Thomas Anthopoulos is a Reader in Experimental Physics in the Department of Physics and The Centre for Plastic Electronics, Imperial College London. He received his B.Eng., and Ph.D., from Staffordshire University in UK. He then moved to University of St. Andrews where he worked on organic light-emitting diodes. In 2003 he joined Philips Research Laboratories in The Netherlands to work on organic semiconductors for use in opto/electronic devices and integrated circuits. In 2005 he was awarded an EPSRC Advanced Fellowship and in 2007 a RCUK Fellowship both hosted in the Department of Physics, Imperial College London. His current research interest is focused on the physics of carbon-based, metal oxides and hybrid semiconductors and devices.


Ongoing research projects include:

  • Transparent opto/electronics
  • High-mobility organic transistors
  • On-demand nanoscale electronics by scanning thermal nanolithography
  • Organic integrated circuits on foil
  • Photo-transistors for integrated optoelectronics
  • Study of the charge carrier dynamics in organic semiconductors
  • Novel patterning methods for large-area nanoscale devices
  • Self-assembling molecular nano-dielectrics
  • In-situ monitoring of the morphology evolution in organic donor-acceptor materials systems
  • Studying the diffusivity of fullerenes in conjugated polymers using transistors
  • Novel oxide semiconductors for next generation ubiquitous opto-electronics