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Nguyen TK Thanh | London Centre for Nanotechnology

Prof Nguyen TK Thanh

Professor of Nanomaterials, Royal Society University Research Fellow
tel: +44 (0)207 491 6509

Royal Institution


Royal Society University Research Fellow (2005-2014), Professor of Nanomaterials at UCL Healhcare Biomagnetic and Nanomaterials Laboratories and Department of Physics and Astronomy. She leads a very dynamic research team focused on the design, synthesis and study the physical properties of nanomaterials as well as their applications in biomolecular and biomedical research. She is also a visiting Professor at European Engineering School in Chemistry, Polymers and Materials, University of Strasbourg, France and Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan. 
In 1994, she was selected for an EU-funded PhD position in Biochemistry. In 1999, she undertook postdoctoral work in medicinal chemistry at Aston University. In 2001, she moved to the United States to take advantage of pioneering work in nanotechnology, an emerging and rapidly growing field of science. In 2003, she joined the Liverpool Centre for Nanoscale Science. In 2005, she was awarded a prestigious Royal Society University Research Fellowship and University of Liverpool lectureship. She was based at Department of Chemistry (ranked 7th in the UK in 2008 RAE) and School of Biological Sciences. In January 2009, she was appointed a UCL-RI Readership in Nanotechnology and based at The Davy Faraday Research Laboratory, The Royal Institution of Great Britain, London, UK. .



*: corresponding author

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