Prof Naomi Chayen

Professor of Biomedical Sciences
ext: 43240

Biomolecular Medicine


Naomi E. Chayen is Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Imperial College London and the Head of the crystallization group in Biomolecular Medicine. She specializes in the crystallization of proteins and other biological macromolecules, in particular, developing a fundamental understanding of the crystallization process and exploiting this to design practical methodology (including high-throughput methods) for producing high quality crystals of medical and industrial interest. Naomi has developed many unique methods adopted by crystal growth laboratories worldwide, several of which are patented and commercialised (most recently ‘Naomi's Nucleant'). She co-authored a book on Macromolecular Crystallization and Crystal Perfection published by Oxford University Press and edited a book on Protein Crystallization Strategies for Structural Genomics. Naomi organizes and chairs crystallization sessions at international conferences and courses and acts as a consultant to academia and industry.

Awards and honours: 

November 2012 - Commended - Women of Outstanding Achievement for Innovation and Entrepreneurship - For breakthrough research into crystallisation and for securing a patent for a product named after her, Naomi’s Nucleant, attracting worldwide interest from industry as well as academia.

June 2011 - Investigator of the Year Prize of the Life Sciences Awards presented by Select BioSciences

March 2011 - 'Innovator of the Year' Prize for research leading to patented, commercialised products and technologies for crystallisation of proteins.


Research Highlights

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General News

Professor Naomi Chayen of the London Centre for Nanotechnology, has been awarded a Commendation Certificate of Women of Outstanding Achievement for Innovation and Entrepreneurship on Thursday 29th November. Naomi was commended for her breakthrough research into crystallisation and for...