Dr Fernando Bresme

ext: 45886


Research interests:

Energy transfer in nanoscale interfaces
Energy transfer in molecular motors
Self assembly of nanoparticles at fluid interfaces


Research Categories:
Analytic Theory, Biomaterials, Biophysics, Classical Simulations, Electronic Structure Theory, Liquid disorder and Nanofluids, Nanoparticles, Sustainable energy, Thin films surfaces and interfaces


Our research is concerned with the investigation of soft condensed matter. One essential characteristic of soft materials is their ability to self organise in complex structures. In our group we develop and apply computational methods and theoretical approaches to understand and interpret the behaviour of these materials. Our current research focuses on three main topics: 1) interactions between nanoparticles and biomolecules at liquid-liquid and liquid-vapour interfaces, and how these interactions can be exploited to design interfacial molecular devices that can respond to external perturbations (e.g. external fields). 2) Structure and phase behaviour of soft materials (polyelectrolytes and membranes), with particular emphasis on the role of the solvent in determining their properties and 3) Non equilibrium phenomena at nanoscale interfaces, in particular, the investigation of energy transfer processes across interfaces of relevance in high performance materials (e.g. nanofluids).