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Professor Z. Xiao Guo

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020 7679 7527
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27 527
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020 7679 7463
Research Interests: 
Multiscale simulations
Materials syntheses
Nanostructures and catalysts
H2 / CO2 sorption and storage
Biofuel cells and biointerfaces
Clean energy technologies

Xiao Guo’s research interest focuses on multiscale simulations and syntheses of materials and nanostructures for applications in clean energy and healthcare technologies, particularly in hydrogen storage, carbon capture, energy catalysis, biofuel cells and biointerfaces. Fundamental theories are coupled with ab initio, molecular dynamics, cellular automata and finite element simulations for materials discovery, while selected materials are synthesised and harnessed by mechanochemical, self-assembly, deposition and precipitation methods.

Xiao GUO is a Professor of Materials and Chemistry. His scientific career builds on the development of experimental and theoretical approaches to tackling some of the most challenging issues in energy, environment and healthcare. His current research activities focus on the understanding and development of materials, nanostructures and processes to provide low-cost and efficient solutions for clean energy, particularly in hydrogen storage, CO2 capture and biological fuel cells. With a BEng degree from Northeastern University in China and PhD from the University of Manchester, Xiao spent several years as a research scientist at University of Strathclyde and the University of Oxford. He became a Lecturer and then a Professor at Queen Mary, University of London before jointing UCL in 2007 to establish a new research laboratory in energy materials and nanostructures. He has contributed over 140 high-quality journal publications and a similar number of conference papers/presentations in the field. Xiao serves as a member of the editorial boards for several international journals. He was awarded the Beilby Medal 2000, jointly by the Society of Chemical Industry, the Royal Society of Chemistry, and the Institute of the Minerals, Metals and Materials. He received the Lee-Hsun Lecture Prize in 2002, by the Institute of Metal Research / Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has been involved in various UK-US, UK-Japan, UK-China and UK-Korea Hydrogen Energy links and is on Task 22 of the International Energy Agency. He contributed to two MAT-UK’s energy strategic documents in 2007.