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Dr. Tania Saxl

Dr Tania Saxl

Strategic Operations Director, EPSRC IRC in Early Warning Sensing Systems for Infectious Disease
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Tania Saxl was appointed Deputy Director, Business at the London Centre for Nanotechnology in August 2011. Tania works with the LCN to facilitate commercialisation of research, the formation of partnerships with industry and to communicate scientific outcomes with the public.

Prior to joining the Centre, Tania was a research associate on an ‘artificial pancreas’ project in clinical nanomedicine at King's College London. Her development of a fibre-optic glucose sensor with diabetes clinician John Pickup and physicist David Birch was mentioned as one of five ‘outcomes of excellence’ in the 2006-2009 EPSRC Science and Innovation Awards program review.

She received her D.Phil. in Biophysics in 2007, from the University of Oxford’s Life Science Interface Doctoral Training Centre (LSIDTC), where she was trained as a multi-disciplinary scientist. Her doctorate was gained in the laboratory of Richard Berry, studying the most complex of molecular machines, the nano-scale bacterial flagellar motor. Her experimental project involved combining laser tweezers, microfluidics, electronics, cell biology, data acquisition and mathematical modeling.

She holds a first class honours degree in Physics from UCL, obtained in 2002, and was lucky enough to spend time during her degree at the Max Plank Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, and at 3i Venture Capital, working on their Nanotechnology White Paper. Tania has written for NANO magazine and the Institute of Nanotechnology, reporting on areas including nanotechnology in medicine, diabetes, food and fashion and commercialization of nanotechnology in Europe.