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Professor of Infectious Diseases

Prof Sunil Shaunak

Professor of Infectious Diseases

Professor Sunil Shaunak joined the Royal Postgraduate Medical School (which later merged with Imperial) as a Senior Lecturer in 1991 from Duke University and became a Professor of Infectious Diseases in 2004. Among the highlights in his physician scientist research career have been the discovery of new drugs for treating infection and inflammation, and their development into affordable medicines for global use. He is also the Co-Founder of PolyTherics Ltd (2001) which provides site-specific conjugation technologies to enable the development of better biopharmaceutical products ( ). His academic lab is based at the Hammersmith campus of Imperial and his clinical ward is based at Hammersmith Hospital.
Professor Sunil Shaunak's research draws on new tools from nanotechnology to manipulate the immune system.

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