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Dr Shu Chen

Dr Shu Chen

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Shu Chen’s research interests are fabrication, functionalization and characterization of hybrid nanomaterials and their physical and biomedical applications.

Shu Chen graduated with a BSc in ‘Pharmaceutical Science’ from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, China (2004). He obtained an MSc in ‘Drug Delivery & Targeting’ at The School of Pharmacy, University of London (2005). His MSc research project was the study of polymeric nanoparticles as gene drug carriers. Shu obtained his PhD in Chemistry and Physics in the University of St Andrews in 2011 under the supervision of Dr. Pascal André (Hybrid nano-Colloids Lab, Physics) and Prof. David Cole-Hamilton (Chemistry). His doctoral work was on the design of new chemical syntheses of iron platinum (FePt) alloy magnetic nanoparticles along with toxicity studies and an investigation into their applications as multifunctional biomedical imaging probes. During his PhD, he also contributed to develop collaborations with the University of Glasgow, Queen's University Belfast and the Institute of Medical Science and Technology (Dundee).

Shu Chen joined the groups of Dr. Alexandra Porter (Materials), Prof. Mary Ryan (Materials) and Prof. Milo Shaffer (Chemistry) in March 2011 as a Post-Doctoral research associate. He is working on the investigation of the pulmonary toxicology of silver and carbon materials which is part of the RESAC (Respiratory Effects of Silver and Carbon Nanomaterials) Center grant funded (in part) by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) (Grant # 1 U19ES019536-01). This project involves an interactional collaboration with Materials, Chemistry and the Royal Brompton Heart and Lung Institute of Imperials College London, University of Southern California and UMDNJ School of Public Health, USA. His work is focusing on synthesis, functionalization and characterization of carbon nanotubes and silver nanomaterials and using advanced electron microscopy techniques to visualize the cellular and molecular-level events e.g. nanomaterials entry, distribution, biological activity and fate in the lung which depend on the physiochemical properties of nanometerials.


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