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Dr Rongshan Qin

Dr Rongshan Qin

Senior Lecturer- Chemical and computational metallurgy

Dr. Rongshan Qin joined Imperial College London in November 2009 from POSTECH, where he was a Research Full Professor in Computational Metallurgy. He obtained PhD from the Institute of Metal Research at Chinese Academy of Sciences, worked subsequently as a Research Fellow at Brunel University, Research Associate at University of Cambridge and Senior Scientific Officer at Daresbury Laboratory before joining POSTECH as Associate Professor in 2006.

His is interested in the computational and experimental metallurgies. This includes the application of the phase-field model, lattice Boltzmann equation, dissipative particle dynamics, smoothed particle hydrodynamics and cellular automata to the simulation of microstructure evolution in alloys processing, and the implication of the pulsed electric current and pulsed magnetic field in alloys manufacturing.

He holds a TATA and Royal Academy of Engineering Senior Research Fellowship.

For a highlight of his current research, please read the news in Materials World, Vol.21, Issue 3, Page 19 (2013).

Latest Publications:

Zhang XF, Lu WJ, Qin RS, 2013, Removal of MnS inclusions in molten steel using electropulsing, Scripta Materialia, Vol:69, ISSN:1359-6462, Pages:453-456

| DOI | Author Web Link

Arif TT, Qin RS, 2013, A phase-field model for bainitic transformation, Computational Materials Science, Vol:77, 0927-0256, Pages:230-235

| DOI | Author Web Link

Zhao Y, Qin RS, Chen DF, 2013, A three-dimensional cellular automata model coupled with finite element method and thermodynamic database for alloy solidification, Journal of Crystal Growth, Vol:377, 0022-0248, Pages:72-77

| DOI | Author Web Link

Qin RS, Tan X, 2013, Phase-field simulation of the thermomechanical processing of steels, International Journal of Metallurgical Engineering, Vol:2, Pages:35-39


YU WP, Qin RS, Wu KM, 2013, The effect of hot- and cold-rolling on the electropulse-induced microstructure and property changes in medium carbon low alloy steels, Steel Research International, Vol:84, 1611-3683, Pages:443-449

| DOI | Author Web Link

Qin RS, Bhadeshia HKDH, 2011, Editorial overview: Applications of phase field modeling, Current Opinion in Solid State & Materials Science, Vol:15, ISSN:1359-0286, Pages:81-82


Qin RS, Samuel EI, Bhowmik A, 2011, Electropulse-induced cementite nanoparticle formation in deformed pearlitic steels, Journal of Materials Science, Vol:46, ISSN:0022-2461, Pages:2838-2842

| DOI | Publisher Web Link

Qin RS, 2011, Modeling and Simulation of Microstructure Evolution in Steel Processing, Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Vol:26, ISSN:1042-6914, Pages:132-136

| DOI | Author Web Link

Yu WP, Qin RS, Wu KM, 2011, Effect of electropulsing on grain refinement ofa medium carbon low alloy steel, Advanced Materials Research, Vol:146-147, Pages:1849-1854


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Guest Lecturer

Supercooled Simultaneous Composite Casting, Wuhang University of Science and Technology, China, 2010

Electric Current Metallurgy, Wuhan Steel Co, China, 2010

Electric Current Metallurgy, Huangzhong University of Science and Technology, China, 2010

Electric Current Metallurgy, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, China, 2010


Materials Engineering 2 - MSE 206

Materials Engineering - MSE 106

Engineering Alloys - MSE 307