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Prof Milo Shaffer

Director of the LCN
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+44 20 75945825
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5 825
Research Interests: 
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes (CVD) and titania nanorods ((non)hydrolytic reactions, vapour phase conversion chemistry)
Chemical modification of high aspect ratio nanoparticles using liquid and gas phase reactions
Development of hierarchical composites, reinforced at different lengthscales, combining nanofillers with conventional fibres
Use of nanoparticles as surfactants, both for processing nanocomposite foams, and improving properties
Use of high aspect ratio particles in PV, capacitor, and fuel cell electrodes, due to their high connectivity, porosity, surface area, and robustness.
  • PhD Materials Science, Cambridge University
  • Technology Consultant, Scientific Generics UK
  • Trinity College Research Fellow, Cambridge University
  • Lecturer, now Reader, Dept Chemistry, Imperial College London