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Dr David Payne

Dr David Payne

Deputy Undergraduate Admissions Tutor, Lecturer
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020 7594 2585
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42 585
Research Interests: 
Solar Water Splitting
Transparent Conducting Oxides (TCOs)
Lone-Pair Materials
Traditional” Battery Materials

David Payne received his M.Chem. (2004) from Cardiff University and D.Phil. (2008), in experimental solid-state chemistry, from the University of Oxford, UK. From 2007 he was a Junior Research Fellow at Christ Church, University of Oxford. His interests include the spectroscopic determination of the electronic structure of oxide materials, and in particular development and characterisation of new materials for solar water-splitting. He is currently a Lecturer and Royal Society University Research Fellow at the Department of Materials, Imperial College London.


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Marshall MSJ, Becerra-Toledo AE, Payne DJ, et al., 2012, Structure and composition of linear TiOx nanostructures on SrTiO3(001), Physical Review B, Vol:86, ISSN:1098-0121 Author Web Link

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