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Dr Andrew Horsfield

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Defect dynamics in materials for hydrogen fusion power plants (this exploits efficient density functional methods, and is being carried out in collaboration with the UKAEA at Culham).
Excited electronic states in conjugated polymers (this is part of a Materials Modelling Initiative funded project to develop and apply Correlated Electron-Ion Dynamics).
Olfaction and electronic noses
Non-adiabatic molecular dynamics (Correlated Electron-Ion Dynamics) with open boundaries

Andrew Horsfield joined the Materials Department at Imperial College in 2007 as an RCUK Fellow, and is also an honorary Research Fellow at the London Centre for Nanotechnology. Previous to this he was the Senior Research Fellow in charge of the theory core project for the IRC in Nanotechnology at UCL where he spearheaded the development of a novel modelling technique for understanding non-adiabatic processes at the nanoscale (Correlated Electron-Ion Molecular Dynamics). Together with Prof. Marshall Stoneham and students he also provided a theoretical demonstration of the physical soundness of a controversial vibrational theory olfaction proposed by Luca Turin.