How to use the booking system


The ReservationManager is designed to allocate timeslots on cleanroom equipment to a particular user. Authorised users are able to view and reserve timeslots on the equipment.

Starting the ReservationManager
Making reservations
Selecting/unselecting equipment
Confirmation of reservations
Status refreshing

Equipment managers

Balance Enquiry and Reports


Starting the ReservationManager

You can access the ReservationManager by navigating here. Please note that you need to have a Java runtime installed and enabled in your browser to access the site.

Enter your username and password.  After a few seconds you will be taken directly to the main page. Select “Labs/Reservations” to go to the ReservationManager application.

Figure 1: User Interface components of the ReservationManager

1. The list of equipment on which reservations can be either be made or viewed is displayed in the left-hand bar. This list is organised by equipment you are able to book, appearing first, and equipment you are only able to view (appearing below the “View Only" line). If equipment you want to use is listed under View Only, then you must contact the equipment manager to have your name added to the list of allowed users (see section 2.6).

  1. Equipment is grouped into locations. You can right click on the equipment name to find a sub menu which gives more information about the piece of quipment, such as the name of the equipment manager, details of planned maintenance, and messages about status changes.

The coloured box before the name indicates equipment status as follows:

UUp: equipment available and operating normally.
CCaution: equipment has a small problem that may affect your work. This is described in right click menu, and you will have been sent an email about the change of status.
DDown: equipment is down & non-functional due to an unplanned fault.
MMaintenance: equipment is undergoing a planned maintenance routine and can be expected to be operational after requalification.
RRequalification: in progress, before being released to use.

2. The timescale and timescale navigator / alteration buttons

1D/3D/5DShows 1, 3 or 5 days as the timescale.
1W/2W/3WShows 1, 2 or 3 weeks as the timescale.
1MShows 1 month as the timescale.
< / >Navigates back or forward one step in time; the step size depends on the selected timescale.
< < / > >Navigates back or forward two steps in time; the  step size depends on the selected timescale.
todayNavigates to today.

3. The reservation panel
4. The details of a selected reservation
5. Action buttons for the reservation; some of these buttons will be greyed out depending on whether you are making a new reservation or modifying an existing reservation.

NoteArea for you to make comments about this reservation.
NewInserts a reservations on the selected equipment.
UpdateUpdates the reservation and stores any changes made, only active when an existing reservation is selected.
DeleteDeletes the reservation, only active when a reservation is selected and there are enough rights to delete a reservation.
ConfirmConfirms the reservation.
CheckChecks if the reservation is OK with the applied changes before storing it, e.g. to check if altered start / end date are valid.
UnselectUnselect the currently selected reservation, only active when no changes have been made.
CancelUnselects the currently selected reservation and discards the changes made on the reservation.
Clear noteClears the note stored with the reservation.

6. Main menu

PeriodSame as the navigation buttons described above; this can also be used to navigate to a specific date.
HoursSets the displayed hours per day, e.g. 0:00-24:00 and 9:00-17:00. Exact menu content is server setting dependant.
Refresh nowForces a refresh.
Refresh intervalSet the interval for automatic refresh.
HelpLegend of the used colours for the reservations.

Making reservations

To make a reservation in ReservationManager, you should first select the equipment you wish to use. The name of the equipment will be displayed. You can then define the timeframe (start date, start time, end date and end time) for your reservation, and save it by clicking “New".

Figure 2: Select equipment to add a reservation

Alternatively, the equipment can be selected directly from the dropdown list in the reservation detail pane. When making a reservation, the availability of the selected timeframe is checked prior to saving to ensure that no conflicting bookings exist.

Selecting / Unselecting equipment

Selecting equipment can be done by clicking on a reservation. The details of the reservation will now appear in the upper part of the ReservationManager. Unselecting the reservation can be done by pressing “Unselect" in the action buttons or clicking in the reservation panel outside any other reservation.
When changes have been made to a reservation, clicking “Cancel" in the action buttons will unselect and discard any changes. When changes have been made to a reservation, clicking beside a reservation in the reservation panel will pop up a dialog that gives the option to save or discard changes or to cancel the unselect.

Confirming a reservation

When a reservation is made, it is initially unconfirmed. At a certain point ahead of the booking (eg 10 days prior to the reserved date), the confirmation window will open. During the confirmation period, the reservation can be changed by the equipment manager and/or the user who placed the reservation. Once the reservation has been confirmed, only the equipment manager can make changes. If the reservation is not confirmed and the confirmation period expires (eg 3 days prior to the reserved date), any other user with access to the equipment will have the right to remove unconfirmed reservations and make a new reservation.

Confirming a reservation is taken as a commitment to use and pay for the equipment for the reserved timeframe. Confirmed reservations cannot be deleted by users and any requests to remove confirmed reservations should be directed to the equipment manager. The confirmation period may vary for different items of equipment; all queries relating to equipment confirmation periods should be directed to the equipment manager.

Status refreshing

Due to the number of users accessing the ReservationManager simultaneously, reservations are likely to be made at the same time as you view your own ReservationManager. To minimise the possibility of attempting a new reservation that will conflict with existing reservations, the ReservationManager will automatically refresh the displayed data. A refresh takes place according to the interval selected in “Refresh/Refresh interval" from the main menu; this can also be forced by selecting “Refresh/Refresh now" from the main menu.

Equipment managers

Equipment managers have elevated rights on reservations on the equipment they manage. This means that an equipment manager can edit and delete reservations even if they are not the owner of the reservation.
Equipment managers also control who can reserve their equipment, and will ensure that a person is suitably trained for equipment before allowing them reservation access.  Users must contact the managers directly to arrange this.

Balance Enquiry and Reports

Users can find these by navigating to System > My Details

The balance is shown (hilighted), and needs to be positive and larger than the cost of an equipment booking to allow the booking to succeed.  Contact your supervisor to arrange a funds transfer if necessary.

Users can generate two types of reports of their activity, either 'Equipment usage' or 'Bookings'. 

The "Equipment Usage" report provides a list of equipment used, the date and length of use. It will not show future equipment bookings.

The "Bookings" report provides a list of all transactions including top ups, debits, credits and equipment bookings showing the dates, durations and costs of each transaction.  This will also include future bookings made but not yet used.

Hover over the icon to see which report will be generated, then select icon to initiate. You must supply start and end dates, and locations shown to limit your report. Leaving everything unselected will generate a full report.  Finish by clicking the relevant icon to display a pdf, csv or Excel version of the report.



I’m unable to log inCheck your username and password; please note that your password for the Living Database is different to your password for If you are sure your credentials are correct, please contact LDB support.
I haven’t received my username and/or passwordContact LDB support to check that the correct email address is associated with your account.
I can't change my password

You can change your password by going to System > Request new password. Then enter your login name, ans and email will be sent to your registered address, with a link for changing it.

The password security requirements on ReservationManager require passwords to meet the following criteria:

at least 6 characters long

contain a mixture of upper and lower case characters

contain at least one numerical character

contain at least one non-alphanumeric character eg ?

I cannot see the ReservationManagerCheck that you have a current Java Runtime installed and enabled in your browser. You can download java runtimes at
I cannot see the equipment to make a reservationYou may not have permission to make reservations on the equipmentas these are granted only after you have had training on them, contact the equipment manager to check.
I can see the equipment and have confirmed I have permission to reserve it, but I still cannot make a reservationCheck your balance by going to System > My Details. Your balance is listed at the bottom of the page and must be greater than the cost of the booking your trying to make. If you do not have sufficient balance to make equipment reservations, you will need to contact your PI and arrange for funds to be added to your balance.
The ReservationManager is slow to loadIf your network connectivity is patchy, the ReservationManager can take a few seconds to load. If you experience this issue repeatedly within the LCN or at times when you know your connection is working correctly, please contact LDB support.

If you are still unable to access the booking system, you should contact the LDB support team at ldb(a)

If you are experiencing difficulties making reservations, you should contact the equipment manager for the equipment you wish to reserve.