Working Hours and Out of Hours




Monday to Friday

08:00 - 18:00

Normal Hours

Monday to Friday

18:00 - 23:00

Out of Hours

Weekends, Easter & College Closures

08:00 - 23:00

Out of Hours

Every Day Monday - Sunday

23:00 - 08:00

Overnight Period, No Access Automatic Processes only

Christmas and Maintenance shutdowns

24 Hours

Closed,  No Access

During Normal Hours Periods

  • People with Cleanroom door access enabled can enter cleanroom during this time, provided all equipment they are using is pre booked.
  • People without Cleanroom door access enabled, must request access, and must be supervised by Cleanroom Staff or a nominated supervisor.
  • Lone working is permitted, as supervision is by CCTV from technical office

During Out of Hours Periods

  • Support documentation relevant to these periods
  • A buddy system must be in operation during these periods, with a minimum of two approved people in contact. Each person must be aware of the work that the other is doing, and be in contact so as to be of assistance in an accident or emergency.
  • Only approved people are allowed to work Out of Hours.  The Cleanroom Manager will assess user’s cleanroom experience (at least 80 hours), and will confirm their approved status by signing off a Permit to Access Controlled Areas form.  When signed, the door access cards will be updated to allow access to the lab out of hours.
  • All activities must conform to procedures published in documentation above
  • All equipment must be pre booked using the Web booking system. This has embedded rules to allow only permitted equipment to be booked.
  • Cleanroom staff must be notified by 15:00 of the out of hours work taking place that night or weekend, by having sight of the Checklist.
  • Actual time in and time out is to be recorded on the Sign In Records on the Lab door.
  • The following operations are not allowed:
    • All Wet Chemical and Solvent processing.
    • All Plasma Tools
    • Any work that requires the removal of equipment covers
  • The following named equipment is approved for Lone Working, where the buddy is in regular phone contact, but need not be on site.
    • Raith 150 TWO Electron Beam Lithography
    • Zeiss EVO SEM
    • SVS 6000 Sputter
    • PVD 75 Sputter
    • Diener asher
    • Characterisation equipment
    • Optical Microscopes

During Overnight Periods

  • No persons may access or remain in the Cleanroom
  • Only operations designated as automatic operations can run during this period. These are:
    • Exposure on the Raith EBL
    • Pumping of Vacuum chambers
    • Automatic operation of recipe controlled equipment
  • During this time the LCN building is locked.

Closed Periods

UCL has a shutdown during Christmas and Easter holidays, and maintenance of equipment may also require Cleanroom shutdowns. No access is permitted except for maintenance staff during these periods, and equipment will be turned off.  Dates will be notified in advance.

 SDE, 9/5/13


Change Date


Change Record Details




Updated to permit remote buddy working for designated equipment. Uploaded to website.




Added SVS600, PVD75 to allowed equipment