The key aim of the Facilities and Service Office is to provide a safe and secure working environment to all LCN and UCL staff, students and visitors.

In order to do this, the Facilities and Service Office will:

  • Deal with all emergencies and security breaches
  • Ensure the monitoring of CCTV and all building alarms
  • Ensure the main LCN reception area is appropriately staffed
  • Offer advice and guidance on all matters relating to Security at the LCN
  • Ensure the provision of access cards
  • Install and maintain any LCN alarm systems
  • Manage the issue of keys

Building access

General access to the LCN building (Bloomsbury) is granted following the completion of an on-site health and safety induction. Health and safety induction as well as card issue is organised by  Denise Ottley (,  T:  020 7679 1308), who should be contacted in the first instance.

Key issue

All key issues are managed by Denise Ottley (,  T:  020 7679 1308), and keys are issued on request of the Principal Investigator and/or Laboratory Manager for the area for which access is needed. A form is then issued to be taken to UCL Access Systems (with some form of ID) for collection.

Laboratory access

In order to gain access to laboratory areas within the LCN (Bloomsbury), the user must first gain general access as described above. Once this has been obtained then the relevant Principal Investigator or Laboratory Manager who will guide the user through all risk assessments and Codes of Practice associated with their work, culminating in the user signing off to accept that they have seen, understand and will abide by these. Once this is done, a permit to access form is completed by the PI and once this has been received by Central Administration and approved by the Facilities and Service Office, access will be granted.